One year and counting: Lessons I have learnt and a bookish giveaway

Readers of StoryStoryOh!!! It is one year!!!


How time flies!

I’m gonna be cliche and tell the story of how I was nervous when I first wanted to start this blog and [my bookstagram]. I was anxious if I was going to get views and how this was going to be received because it is not a regular blog where people come to share their everyday lifestyle! It is basically, mostly only books! I still get nervous! But over the past year, I have found my audience, people with actual interest in what I love to write about and it is so beautiful.

As at now, I have written over fifty blog posts and gotten more than three thousand views, I must be doing something right, lol!

I am just glad that I took this step and through this, coupled with my bookstagram, I have met so many amazing people! So many!

And guys, guess what? I passed 1k followers on bookstagram too. It has been a lovely learning curve this past year, honestly. I have had conversations, learnt to be more open minded and also go for my gold. If someone had told me about two years ago that I would have entered some people’s dms, never will I believe 😂 because I am a kind of a person who doesn’t like to leave her comfort zone, not gonna lie.


This is my precious baby haha. The blog logo I started with May 22, 2019.
and then I moved to this
this is the one I’m currently using as you have probably noticed.


Lessons I have learnt on this literary blogging journey

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. You can’t do anything alone.

• Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat every time, haha.

• Just do it. Cliche but honest.

• Literary blogging is not easy and not everyone will be interested.

• Be kind to others.

• Don’t follow the crowd.

• Read what you like.

• By all means, shame book bullies. I’m not even joking. There is something like this and when you meet a book bully, girlllll, shame that person.

• Enjoy the process! This one is quite important to me.

• Stay true.

• Shamelessly self promote yourself and what you do.

these are some of the highlights of my lessons on this journey so far

To commemorate this milestone as well as reaching 1k amazing followers on bookstagram (Instagram), I will be hosting a juicy bookish giveaway in a few days time so you might wanna stay tuned for that one.

Let’s connect on Instagram!

To everyone who has shown love over the past year by visiting this blog, sharing my blog post links, subscribing/following my blog, recommending my blog, commenting on my posts and just being there, I do not take you for granted. Thank you. You are the real MVPs!


P.S. I made a bingo. Click on the image to download.

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